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Beantage Coffee Beans

Beantage Advantage takes pride in carrying the most premium and delightful specialty organic coffee beans. Experience for yourselves the rich and unique flavors from around the world.


Our Featured Coffee of the Month

Eden’s Aroma from Thailand


Do you believe a cup of coffee can touch and change lives? We do! How can we extend a helping hand to disadvantaged individuals?


Eden’s Aroma

Our 100% arabica organic coffee is tenderly cared for, handpicked, processed, and roasted by our tribal friends in Thailand. Grown at an elevation of 1500 meters above sea level under pine trees, our premium coffee has a silky, smooth, chocolaty flavor with a hint of hazelnut. At your first sip, you will be surprised by the purity of Eden’s Aroma. The feeling of ease and the wraparound ribbon flavors will gently settle into a satisfying sweetness. It is our pride and joy to introduce to the world this exquisite-tasting coffee.



At Beantage-Advantage, our mission is to see lives transformed. It is our goal to see various tribes and refugees become self-sustaining people. Often ignored and rejected by societal and governmental agencies, fringe tribes and refugee families need help. We are extending our hands and raising hope. Working primarily with disadvantaged people, we are bringing hope and a future to the forsaken of society.


At one's first encounter with an aroma, thoughts, feelings, and memories usually flood in. We hope our Eden’s Aroma coffee will fill your homes with warmth and joy and perhaps bring to memory that the coffee cup in your hand is changing lives. Consider each sip as sweet love notes from a distant land.


We dedicate the premiere sales of Beantage-Advantage coffee to our beloved friends, families, and orphaned children of the Karen Community in Thailand. To those who have been expelled, hunted, and executed, and to the children who have become a people without a home, status, or a nation, we support you and are working for you. We hope to see you arise from your trials and circumstances to become a strong loving community. We love you.

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